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The Lisbon Chamber approves the suspension of the protocol of friendship and cooperation with Moscow

The Lisbon Chamber today decided to suspend the protocol of friendship and cooperation between the Portuguese capital and the Russian city of Moscow, according to the mayor, because it was “completely symbolic” because of the war in Ukraine.

The proposal by the mayor of Lisbon, Carlos Moedas (PSD), to suspend the protocol of friendship and cooperation with Moscow was approved by a majority of the municipal government, with only PCP delegates voting against, but still to be voted on in the municipal council.

In addition to this paragraph, the Chamber took the initiative to “call on the Government to take the necessary steps to declare that the latter is in breach of the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation between the Portuguese Republic and the Russian Federation, namely by suspending it.”

At a public meeting of the city government, Carlos Moedas explained that the suspension of the Lisbon-Moscow Friendship and Cooperation Protocol had “very strong symbolism” vis-à-vis the “dictator’s rule” and pointed out that it had nothing to do with the Russian people and was completely against the destruction of Russian culture. “.

Reiterating that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a “completely unjustified war,” the mayor stressed the importance of “postponing” the protocol of friendship and cooperation with the Russian city of Moscow when the Ukrainian people want “more signs” of support. referring to the fact that “very little was achieved” during the 25 years of the Protocol.

After voting against the proposal and motion, João Ferreira, the PCP commissioner, argued that the suspension of the Lisbon-Moscow protocol “will not help at all” in efforts to pave the way for a political solution that allows for a “ceasefire and an end”. on war and the building of peace routes “.

The communist also said the decision would promote the path to “incite, intensify, increase the escalation of the conflict” and the “Russophobia” movement, and question the suspension of measures such as the “exchange of experience and information.” the area of ​​urban economy and infrastructure “and” cultural cooperation “will help to resolve the situation.

In support of both initiatives, PS commissioner Pedro Anastácio agreed with Russia’s “unequivocal condemnation” of the country invading Ukraine, while BE mayor Ricardo Moreira, who replaced Beatriz Gomes Dias, reaffirmed the need for “other signs of strength” against Russia. oligarchs.

Livre’s mayor, Patrícia Gonçalves, who replaced Rui Tavares, also warned of the possible effects of “feeding Russussia”, and Paula Marques (elected by the PS / Livre coalition), independent of the Cidadãos por Lisboa, expressed concern about the cancellation of the European event. culture of Russian origin.

The Protocol of Friendship and Cooperation between Lisbon and the City of Moscow was signed on 17 February 1997 “with a view to establishing bilateral cooperation and friendship in a number of areas”, including contacts in the fields of education, sport, tourism and youth policy. , the development of economic cooperation and the “unification of the inhabitants of the two capitals”.

“The attack on Ukraine represents a continuing violation of the Russian Federation [iniciado em fevereiro de 2014] The basic elements of a world order defined and agreed after the Second World War: sovereignty, as it is an integral part of the political, regional or military components of a free and independent state; the right of peoples to self-determination, as it forms the basis for defining the road to be transported by the state and its people; human dignity as a basis for political action and as a guarantee of the protection of fundamental freedoms, “reads Carlos Moedas’s proposal.

The text also mentions that the date of 24 February 2022, when the attack began, “will charge the municipality of Lisbon to clarify its position in the context of the protocol and agreement”.


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