Prince Andrew of England loses his honorary title in York City

Prince Andrew of England was denied an honorary title by the City of York (North) in England in 1987 by a decision by local authorities after taking part in a sex scandal involving the exploitation of children, it was announced on Wednesday.

In a vote by the council of that municipality, it was decided to withdraw the recognition previously granted to Prince Andrew by the City of York for Liberty.

The proposal to remove Queen Elizabeth II’s son from the title of Duke of York was adopted unanimously.

In early 2022, Buckingham Palace announced that the prince would be denied military titles and charities.

The case of the sexual exploitation of minors by Prince Andrew of England, filed by Virginia Giuffre in a New York court, was formally closed on March 8, when the parties recently entered into a private agreement.

Judge Lewis Kaplan of New York stated in a brief court document that the application is final and that each party must pay the costs.

This court order comes after it has already been reported that the Duke of York paid a certain amount for a reconciliation with Virgina Giuffre, a woman who reported her sexual abuse in the United States while she was a minor.

The figure has not been made public, but several British media have pointed out that it is £ 12 million (over € 14 million).

On February 15, it was announced that the Duke of York intended to make a significant donation to Virginia Giuffre, an organization founded in 2021 called “Speak Out, Act, Reclaim.” sex shop.

The court order marks the end of a trial that began in August when Giuffre officially charged Queen Elizabeth II’s son.

Giuffre claimed to have met the prince as one of the victims in a sex trafficking plan allegedly organized by the late Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide after his arrest in July 2019, and his right hand Ghislaine Maxwell, who was recently found guilty of a parallel trial.

The 61-year-old Duke of York has always denied the allegations and said he did not know Giuffre, even though the media had published an old photograph in which Prince Andrew appeared to grab Maxwell by the waist.

This scandal led in January to his mother withdrawing the prince’s soldiers.

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