Saturday Vaccine and Measles Vaccination Campaign – GAZ – Notícias de Santa Cruz do Sul and Region

Saturday, April 30, is the D-day for flu and measles vaccinations. About 25 health units in the municipality of Santa Cruz are involved in the national vaccination campaign.

Influenza vaccination is targeted at healthcare workers over the age of 60 and children aged four years, 11 months and 29 days. At the same time, a dose of measles will also be given to all audiences.

Municipal Health Secretary Daniela Dumke stresses the importance of the campaign. “It is important that people look for health units to take the vaccine, as it is the best prevention so that we do not have serious cases of the disease caused by the flu virus and measles, thus protecting the individual and the community,” he said.

Still, he says about 40 percent of the elderly and health care workers are currently vaccinated against the flu. As for the children’s audience, in the first week, only three percent search for the vaccine out of about 6,600 children in a certain age group in the campaign.

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Check places and times:

  • ESR Gaspar (8 am-4pm);
  • ESR Cohab (8 am-4pm);
  • ESR Cristal Harmonia (8 am-4pm);
  • ESR Linha Santa Cruz (8 am-4pm);
  • ESF fax (8 am to 4 pm);
  • ESR Progresso (8 am-4pm);
  • ESR Margarida (8 am-4pm);
  • ESR Senai (8 am-4pm);
  • ESR Rauber (8 am-4pm);
  • ESR Glória Imigrante (8 am-4pm);
  • ESF Bom Jesus (8 am-4pm);
  • ESR Esmeralda (8 am-4pm);
  • ESR Ingo Ebert (Figueira) (8 am-4pm);
  • ESR Arroio Grande (8 am-4pm);
  • ESR Pedreira (8 am-4pm);
  • ESR Menino Deus (8 am-4pm);
  • UBS Jacob Schmidt (8 am-4pm);
  • UBS Avenida (8 am-4pm);
  • UBS Farroupilha (8 am-4pm);
  • UBS Belvedere (8 am-4pm);
  • UBS Verena (8 am-4pm);
  • UBS Central Ambulatory (8 a.m.-4 p.m.);
  • ESR Rio Pardinho (8 am-4pm);
  • ESF Pedro Eggler (8 am-4pm).

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