THE BALL – «The conquest of the Youth League is not over, it is part of the journey» (Benfica)

Rui Costa spoke on Thursday at Paços do Concelho, where the mayor of Lisbon hosted Benfica’s party under the age of 19 to win the youth league.

After a speech by Carlos Moedas, when the mayor of Lisbon emphasized “pride in Benfica as one of the city’s biggest brands”, the president of the Red Club stressed “the honor of being able to present the name of Lisbon”.

“That’s what happened last Monday. On the fourth it was finally. A dream come true. Benfica won the UEFA Youth League. The cornerstone of Benfica’s sports project, but mind you, is a project where these achievements, of which all Benfica supporters are so proud, are not the end, but part of a journey that begins with quality training in sport, but also in other dimensions of life. not forgetting this unique mystique and the values ​​of the founders, it is never that in Benfica all awards are important and enrich our museum, but always keeping in mind that the ultimate goal of this trip is to train players like Benfica to successfully reach the main team, “he said.

“Let us celebrate with humility and a clear vision that this achievement will increase our demand, but also the reassurance of the path we are taking. , but the size and the greatness of Benfica demand more of us. Tell us how we respect this design with work, passion, ambition and responsibility. “

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