The Marvel actress is accused of sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl

Zara Phythian she is charged with several sexual offenses with her husband, Viktor Marke. The 36-year-old actress, who played Brunette Zealot in Marvel’s Doctor Strange, committed crimes in 2005-2008, when the victim was 13-15 years old.

By BBC, a girl who is now an adult and whose name has not been made public, told police that the couple filmed most of the assault in an attempt to recreate pornographic scenes. The young woman recalled a certain incident in which Zara challenged her to have oral sex with her husband after she had given him alcohol. Then Victor has had sex with both of them.

“I knew it was wrong, but I just didn’t know how to get out of the situation or say anything. I remember trying to emulate Zara’s reaction back then because I admired her and tried to be like her in every way.said the victim in a statement.

The woman also said that Victor threatened her with aggression if she reported what happened: “He said no one would believe me if I told him. They always had power over me.”he said.

The couple are on trial at the High Court of Justice in Nottinghamshire and are charged with 14 child sexual abuse. Zara was 20-21 years old at the time and Victor 42-43 years old. Both were martial arts instructors. The man is still charged with four sexual abuses involving another woman who was also a minor.

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