Tiago Jaqueta admits the fraud: “Eventually I insulted two people. The options were mine.”

Tiago jacket talked to Julia Pinheiro In SIC’s Júlia program to tell her version of what happened on her honeymoon Dina Guedes In Cape Verde.

After saying that she felt betrayed, a participant in the “Married at First Sight” program mentioned that “Neither was hopelessly in love”but it was “very interested” get to know their wives better (they are not yet divorced).

Discussions began frequently. Tiago admits he has “patience lost” with a partner on the third day of the honeymoon: “I thought,‘ I can’t believe I’ve been here for 3 days and I still haven’t done anything. I was tired of the situation. “he explained.

“Got it, I wanted to relax”, he said. That day he met a Russian tourist, Anna Cherepanova. She returned to her room at 6.39, which made Dina very uncomfortable after having been alone all night.

The emotional Dina talks about Tiago Jaqueta: “I liked that man”

Now Tiago admits to cheating on his wife on the last day of her honeymoon. “When I agreed with Anna, we only had to go out with the two of us. We were a bigger group… and then we attended that night, was revealed. However, the participant regrets: I did wrong. I should not have. Dina was really upset about me (…) I ended up hurting two people. The options were minehe said.

“Anna was very clear about what she said. She said she suffered a lot from all this and then she cares a lot about this part of people hurting her. The truth is she’s really not to blame for what happened. She just went on vacation and met the person from whom he liked, but just as Dina didn’t trust me and didn’t want this in her lifehe added.

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