Três Coroas fights dengue burning – Repercussion Paranhana

Author: Três Coroas City Hall

Glênio Rosa and Max Salgueiro, representatives of the municipal administration, the health team and the RS State Health Center, are part of a working group working throughout the state to control and control the Aedes Aegypt, the dengue mosquito. and other diseases, were collected last Wednesday 28th.

Professionals spend a few days in the city carrying out a pesticide to help fight dengue fever. The substance is applied from 5 am to 8 am and from 5 pm to 8 pm, because it is during these times that the female mosquitoes that are the target can be reached. An audio car runs on the streets defined in the day’s schedule, but the app only works without rain. The group asks street dwellers to leave their windows and doors open on the day of spraying.

Três Coroas has 222 positive cases of dengue fever and the pesticide is used in all areas except Loteamento Leuck, Semaco and Vila Dreher, where there are no positive cases.

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