“Ukraine’s war requires action, and he is not a man of action,” accuses Guterres of the road already crossed by the “Millennium.”

It all happened on the same day, perhaps the most difficult for António Guterres as Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN). First, the Russian foreign minister said Guterres had not tried to contact Russian President Vladimir Putin since the start of Ukraine’s “special war operation.” It later emerged that more than 200 former senior UN officials had written to Guterres urging him to take risks to secure peace and adding that the organization was threatened by an existential threat as one of the five permanent members of the UN attacks Ukraine. Safety Advisor. The letter, which was signed by many former UN secretariats, even called for the temporary relocation of the Guterres office from New York to Europe to be “closer to the necessary negotiations.” And just last Tuesday, Guterres demanded a diplomatic break in the conflict during Orthodox Easter to open humanitarian corridors, which was not respected.

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