Video of the moment Alec Baldwin found out he had killed Halyna Hutchins – News

In filming the rust film of images before and after the fatal shooting that led to Halyna Hutchins ’death, an investigation into the case released a video showing the moment the film’s author, Alec Baldwin, is informed of the photographer’s death.

Alec Baldwin was shocked to realize what had actually happened to his colleague, as you can see from the look on his body.

“I have very nasty news to tell you,” says an agent in the interrogation room, thus revealing Halyna’s death. The audible silence took over the space for long seconds. Alec Baldwin could only raise his hand to his mouth and shout, “No.”

When asked by police what they could do to help her, the actress asked, “I want to call my wife.” The order was placed, Baldwin left the room visibly shocked.

It is remembered that six months have passed since Alec Baldwin fired a gun in October 2021 that should have been fired in the filming of the rust film. The shot killed Halyna Hutchins and injured plot director Joel Souza.

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