Whatsapp allows group calls for up to 32 people

posted on Apr 28, 20:22 / updated

Whatsapp allows group calls for up to 32 people – (Credit: Disclosure)

WhatsApp has released a new limit for in-app voice calls. Now any user of the app can make group calls to up to 32 participants. The new feature is part of the iOS and Android app update.

So far, calls have been restricted to eight participants.

Another thing that changed was the look, Whatsapp changed the aesthetics of the calls to get the best view. When calls are active, people appear on the grid and speech is indicated by sound waves.

The new model has also changed messages in normal groups, as messages now appear in balloons.

Here’s how to connect with more people:

– Click the “Calls” button;
– Select the phone icon with a + sign next to it at the top of the screen;
– Click “New group call” and add the contacts you want to talk to;
– Press the phone icon to start the call.

To make a call, you must have all your contacts stored in the phonebook.

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