“When I die, I have sex for a moment …”

An expert in SIC’s “Married at First Sight” program prepared several questions for Dulce and João. The goal was to give the relationship a boost.

After spending the night at João’s house, Dulce began reading questions that expert Luana left the couple over for breakfast.

“What makes you the most jealous of a relationship?”, can be read from the first card. Dulce replied: “I’m not a very jealous woman, but sometimes I felt jealous. For example, if I see my partner talking to a woman I don’t know and she won’t introduce me. But I can control my jealousy well. “

João didn’t believe the bride’s answer: “I don’t believe him. He’s not serious.” said alone to the cameras.

Unlike Dulce, the groom considers himself very jealous: “When I like it, what’s mine is mine. I take very good care of what is mine “. The competitor considered that this was a “possession” and “insecurity”.

Another question related to sex: “How satisfied are you with your sexuality? What would make you more comfortable?”

John was the first to respond: “I’m nice and I hope you’re more open to sexuality.”

Alone with the cameras, João admitted: “As I am, I believe that until my death I have sex momentarily. I’ve tried it several times with Dulce, but since there’s no chemistry, it’s on standby..

Dulce said in front of the cameras: “It’s not a man I’m not interested in sexually or otherwise. Sometimes it makes me sick. ”

See the whole moment here.

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