A joint dengue control operation in Teresina will begin on Monday

This Monday (02) the municipality of Teresina will carry out a task force to fight the mosquito Aedes aegypti, which is spreading dengue fever, zika and Chikungunya in the northern part of Teresina.

The operation takes place in the neighborhood of Monte Verde, and according to the prefecture, there are about 300 people involved, among them health professionals who have been retrained under the supervision of the Minister of Justice of Piauí (Sejus), detergent and the army.

Image: Disclosure / PMT

Joint action to control the dengue mosquito

According to Paulo Marques, director of the Zoonoses Center, action is important to reduce the number of mosquitoes that contaminate humans. “In this operation, we will continue to provide this service and we have also received important assistance from Army soldiers to get the job done faster. The key is to reduce the number of mosquitoes that suck blood and contaminate people with dengue, chikungunya and Zika viruses, ”the director said.

Cleaning is done according to the health map of the Municipal Health Foundation (FMS) Zoonosis Center. According to Edmilson Ferreira, secretary of the Ministry of Town and Housing (Semduh), health representatives are already making visits to the pollution points. “The business starts with SAADs, working with CTA, which is cleaning, health care burns where it needs to be done. Cleaning is necessary to control mosquitoes and is done all over the city. We are counting on the support of the prisoners, the army, the health authorities are already making visits and all the environments where the outbreaks to be eliminated are, ”the secretary emphasizes.

The bodies involved in this activity are the Agency for the Control of Decentralized Management, FMS, Sejus, Teresina Municipal Environment Department (Semam), Municipal Guard, Citizenship, Social and Integrated Policies Department (Semcaspi), Eturbin (Teresinense Urban Development Company, Minister of Urban Development and Housing). , the Department of Municipal Communications (Semcom), the Ministry of Education (Semec) and the Teresina Environmental Consortium (CTA).

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