A pro-European government takes over in Montenegro – News

The new center-left government received 45 support from 81 MPs, with three votes against, the MINA news agency reported.

“We must all work to make Montenegro the next member of the EU, and we will not wait too long for official accession,” said Abazovic, leader of the Black and White coalition.

The new prime minister declared that the “pillars” of his government will be the rule of law and economic development, judicial reform, the fight against corruption and organized crime, investment and environmental protection.

He also announced his intention to reduce the traditional polarization of politics and society that is hampering the country’s development.

Local analysts quoted by the EFE news agency believe the new board will remain in power for a year to hold early elections.

The government includes minority parties, the Social Democrats of the SDP and the Serbian Socialist Party (SNP) and does not guarantee an absolute majority as it has needed the support of 30 members of the opposition Socialist Party (DPS). .

This political force was removed from power in December 2020 after elections in the same year and three decades after it dominated Montenegrin politics.

The DPS is not participating in the new government, nor is the pro-Serb and pro-Russian Democratic Front (DF), its largest Montenegrin formations, and has been involved for years in a fierce political confrontation reflected in the growing polarization of society.

Abazovic, a 36-year-old man with an Albanian background, was authorized in March to form a government after the fall of the previous government, where he served as deputy prime minister.

Danijela Djurovic, a new member of the ruling coalition, was also elected today.

Montenegro, with a population of 620,000, has been a member of NATO since 2017 and a candidate for EU integration through the most advanced process to date.

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