Apple sells parts to customers to repair the iPhone

Apple has officially opened its self-service repair shop, which provides guides and parts for users who want to repair their iPhones.

The online store offers more than 200 parts and tools, including screws, cameras, batteries, monitors, and more, allowing customers and third-party companies to use genuine Apple components for the first time.

Components for sale apply to the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE (3rd generation).

So far, the store is only available to customers in the U.S., but the company said it will expand to other countries later this year. There are also plans to make manuals, parts, and tools available for repairs on some Macs by the end of the year.

Right to compensation

The opening of the store on Wednesday will be followed by pressure from supporters of the rebate movement on regulators and technology companies to allow consumers to repair their own devices. In the United States, in July 2021, President Joe Biden passed an executive order that ordered the Federal Trade Commission (FCT) to create rules that require businesses to allow consumers to seek redress. The FTC then unanimously decided to strengthen law enforcement against restrictions on appeals.

In Europe, as early as April, the European Parliament adopted two resolutions in plenary containing a number of proposals to make rebates systematic and attractive in the context of the European Green Trade Circular Initiative. The document also states that practices that unreasonably restrict the right to redress or result in statute of limitations may be considered inappropriate and prohibited transactions.

The European Commission has already announced its intention to make a proposal to amend the Sales Directive to include these principles, but is also considering a separate legislative proposal on redress, due in the third quarter.

Similar initiatives

Apple states that parts prices are the same as those available through an authorized repair network. Nonetheless, and despite providing access to its components to its customers, it still urges inexperienced people to seek professional help.

Last month, Samsung unveiled a similar program that will allow users of some of its flagship Galaxy devices to repair their own products starting this summer.

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