Attack on Kiev during Guterres’ visit: “It’s a good lesson to see if they understand who they’re dealing with.”

Explosions were heard during the UN Secretary-General’s visit to Kiev. At least one has been killed and ten wounded in the Russian attack. SIC commentator José Milhazes says the event was “a good lesson for António Guterres and should be for many Western leaders to understand who they are dealing with.”

“They are not dealing with fully sensible politicians, but who are getting closer and closer to paranoia, such as threaten Germany with Russian attacks and blow up the planet if Ukraine loses the war“warns José Milhazes.


Four European companies are doing open accounts in Switzerland to continue paying in gas rubles From Russia, one of them Moscow’s demands in the face of Western sanctions.

For the SIC commentator, “it is completely natural “that these companies will succumb to Russian pressure, since “Some countries are highly dependent, and a gas outage could lead to major complications.”

THE José Milhazes understands that the EU has never taken preventive action to prevent this from happening. There are forces in Europe that want European companies to pay in rubles.


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