BALL – “Braga’s referee offended us, defending the players?” (FC Porto)

Sérgio Conceição returned to defeat in Braga, criticizing referee Hugo Miguel and whom he “protects”.

As he said at the end of the match, he reiterated that the referee insulted his players, and even reminded Pepe of a recent incident involving a game with Sporting.

“I’ve seen the referees respond to the players but insult them, as happened in Braga, calling Taremia a scammer and telling Francisco ‘so you didn’t fall today’; when the engineer got the red card, he said ‘take precaution’ now,” he recalled.

“It has nothing to do with the referee’s honesty, but for five years here with this referee he was always unlucky against FC Porto. I was not deported, I didn’t turn yellow, I don’t know why people were talking about me. If he had said anything, he was deported immediately But I look at this and I can’t resist it. [Os árbitros] They are in a hood, on a pedestal, and are very difficult to fight. He saw himself with Pepe – what they write in the report is accepted and valid. Who defends the players? They were insulted in Braga. They only talk about the engineer and Conceição. Sometimes we also exaggerate, it’s true, but the players offended. But against all this, we are doing everything we can to win. I repeat, to win, “he closed and left the room.

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