City Hall intensifies the fight against Aedes Egypt

It was held this Friday, the 29th, the second meeting of the Municipal Committee for the Control of Dengue Fever. The meeting was held at the headquarters of Nova City Hall and was attended by representatives of public and private institutions involved in the fight against Aedes aegypt.

As part of the work, measures to control the mosquito that spreads dengue fever, zika and Chikungunya throughout the city were presented.

The meeting also published an epidemiological bulletin on the number of these diseases in Montes Claros. Since January this year, 4,105 cases of dengue fever have been reported in the city, of which 69 have been confirmed and 3 deaths have been recorded. Chikungunya registered 1,003 notifications and 353 confirmed cases. For Zika virus, 33 cases were reported but still without laboratory confirmation.

It is important to emphasize that the City Hall, through the Zoonosis Control Center (CCZ), has developed measures for the most critical places, cities and rural areas, to work directly to combat mosquitoes. On this Saturday, the 30th, there will be a spectacular activity with the residents of the rural area of ​​Aparecida do Mundo Novo.

In the first week of May, the second LIRA (Rapid Survey of the Index for Aedes aegypti) 2022 will be completed. CCZ agents, more than 14, introduced mosquito breeding sites.

It is important that everyone takes part in the fight against Aede, as 97.3% of the outbreaks detected in the municipality are inside the houses. The population has a fundamental role to play in this fight. Some of the main combat activities are:

– regular cleaning and sealing of barrels and tanks;

– clean the sewers weekly and use a fine mesh;

– dispose of rubbish for public collection;

– drain the water from plant foods;

– clean and empty gutters, tiles and basins.

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