City Hall is stepping up efforts to curb the spread of dengue fever in Maceióba

• 1. DS
II Health Center, located at Praça Maravilha (Poço)
Gbarbosa da Jatiúca supermarket car park
Parking lot of the former Extra Mangabeiras hypermarket
• 4. DS
Domingos Vanderlei Square – Viewpoint in Santa Amelia
• 5. DS
Jacintinho market
Super Giro, in Feitosa – towards Travessa Lamenha Filho
A new world health unit
• 6. DS
Gbarbosa do Benedito Bentes supermarket car park – towards João Sampaio and Cras Cidade Sorriso
• 7. DS
Parish of São Paulo (Salvador Lyra)
Azulão Supermarket, Village Campestre I (Cidade Universitária)
• 8. DS
University Center of Tiradentes

The measures were developed taking into account data from the latest index of building infestations, which showed the districts of Ponta Verde (11.59%), Gruta (9.58%), Jardim Petrópolis (7.62%), São Jorge (6.25%). Pinheiro (5.19%), Jaraguá (4.08%), Graça Torta (4%) and Prado (4%) have the highest Aedes aegypti colonies.

The measures are coordinated by the municipal health department through the Poison Vectors and Animal Disease Control Administration, Health Surveillance and the Surveillance of Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases and Diseases, and have integrated support from the municipal secretariats. Education (Semed), Communication (Secom), Labor, Supply and Solidarity Economy (Semtabes), Community Security and Social Control (Semscs), Sustainable Development (Sudes), Regional Development (Sedet), Governance (Semge) and Defense Coordination.


During the Maceió Unida Contra Dengue co-operation, public markets, buildings, empty plots, scrap metal, tire repair shops are inspected, and rubbish and removed materials are collected and disposed of in areas with high levels of contamination.

On days 5 and 6, tires are collected from strategic points:

  • Faculty Square – Prado
    • Praça Padre Cícero – Benedito Bentes
    • Osman Loureiro Square
    • Conjunto Santa Maria entrance square in Eustáquio Gomes

In addition, weeding, mowing, cleaning of empty plots, squares and public spaces, cleaning of drums and rain sewers, clearing of canals, training activities in the waiting areas of the Health Units and in the administrative premises of municipal institutions are carried out.

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