“D-Day”: Municipalities of Sesan and Ceará mobilize population to vaccinate against flu and measles this Saturday (30th).

April 29, 2022 – 1:04 p.m.
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Health centers across the state are open to seek vaccines for Phase 1 target audiences

In cooperation with the municipalities of Ceará 22 Distributed Health Areas (ADS)a Cearán Department of Health (Sesa) enhance mobilization National Influenza and Measles Vaccination Campaigneffective from the beginning of the month.

This Saturday (30th) Day D about the campaign, when Health centers across the state are open to applying for vaccines to Phase 1 target audiences. The influenza intake group consists of healthcare professionals and children over 60 years of age and children over six months and under five years of age. Small ones were vaccinated at an early stage to provide better protection during this seasonal period of increased registration of respiratory diseases.

Phase 1 of the measles campaign will involve health professionals and children in the same age group receiving the flu, who also received an early vaccine due to the risks of a measles recovery in Brazil.

“We are in the seasonal phase of diseases like the flu. The best strategy to prevent the virus from spreading is to vaccinate.. It is essential to increase low vaccination coverage throughout the country and to safeguard the health of the collective. When we vaccinate, we also protect the people we live with, ”emphasizes Marcos Gadelha, Sesa’s director.

This year’s flu vaccine, manufacturer Butantan Institute, is trivalent. It consists of the H1N1, H3N2, Darwin subtype and B strain and guarantees immunization against the main strain in Brazil, which is responsible for the increase in cases at the beginning of the year: H3N2. “This is one more reason to update the vaccination schedule,” Gadelha points out.

PTo ensure an increase in the percentages and the target set by the Ministry of Health of 90 per cent of the primary target audience for influenza in children and 95 per cent for measles, municipalities were provided with supplies and vaccines and started to start operations.. “We will give the municipalities all the support they need to take advantage of their vaccination rate,” confirms Kelvia Borges, coordinator of the Sesan Immunization Cell (Cemun).

Phase 2 Monday (2)

Phase 2 of the nationwide flu and measles vaccination campaign begins on Monday (2) and continues on June 3rd.. With regard to influenza, groups of pregnant women, women who have given birth, comorbidities and permanent disabilities, as well as indigenous peoples, teachers, truck drivers, public transport workers and port professionals, are currently being considered.

Priority groups also include members of the security and rescue and defense forces, employees of the system of deprivation of liberty, the population deprived of their liberty and young people aged 12-21 engaged in socio-educational activities.

The measles vaccine will continue to be available to primary care children until the end of the campaign.

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