“Either we lose in Ukraine or World War III begins” – Observer

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Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of Russia Today (currently blocked in the European Union) made a provocation to the west On a Russian state television show on Wednesday night. “Either we lose in Ukraine or World War III begins.”

Margarita Simonyan, considered one of the Kremlin’s most influential propagandists, went even further. You think the scenario of World War III is “more realistic”, having regard to the actions and conduct of Vladimir Putin.

“The most incredible end result is that it all ends with a nuclear attack. It seems more likely to me than the course of another event. ” said Margarita Simonyan, who admits it “terrifies her.” However, he devalued the matter again, stressing that the Russians would “go to heaven,” while others would “just grumble.”


Margarita Simonyan repeated the threats on social media. “The Anglo-Saxons are publicly offering weapons to Ukraine to transfer the fighting to Russian territory,” he said, later asking, “What option do we have, idiots? Complete destruction of the rest of Ukraine? Nuclear strike?”

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