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Socialist politician Jorge Cristino, 43, the new owner of the heart of popular presenter Fátima Lopes, 52tried not to notice publishing a girlfriend’s book, but in vain. First sat in the front row, alongside Beatriz, the 22-year-old daughter of the new SIC starand then drew attention with relationships with dear guests, including SIC’s political commentator Luís Marques Mendes, who competes for the Orange hosts, but with whom he exchanged a few words privately.

Fátima Lopes presented his ninth book, “Do What Your Heart Asks” at the Casa do Alentejo in Lisbon., and the event was a golden opportunity for him, in addition to choosing the owner of his heart, to have the opportunity to say what he thinks of his famous girlfriend. But I didn’t.


Flash! he tried to get a campist socialist activist and lecturer to talk about Fátima Lopes, about making the book, about his previous reading, and about their relationship, but he politely declined the invitation. “I’m not talking today, you understand”. We understand. The star of the event was his girlfriend, and everything Jorge said could focus on him, which was an obvious object of curiosity in the mirror room of Casa do Alentejo and later readers of magazines and specialty sites.

as well as Jorge Cristino escaped from the photos posing next to his girlfriend. The duo intertwined there before and after the presentation of the book in front of the Caixa Mágica program, at SIC, but always on the move and fleeing the most intimate situations that photographers or cell phone lenses are likely to chase. the most intimate guests. cheeky.


The couple is celebrating a year of encounter, and this was the first time a 43-year-old politician had appeared at a public event alongside a SIC star. Fátima Lopes explains the situation to Flash !. “If Jorge doesn’t want to talk and be photographed with me, it’s his decision that we must all respect.”he asked.

The next day, April 29, a socialist politician trained in international relations attended an open course at Masters in International Relations at Minho University School of Economics, where he presented his book ‘The Mission of Cities in Combating Climate Change: Multilevel Governance for the Success of the Planet.

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