Google Chrome Beta 102 now available! see what has changed

Chrome 101 was released earlier this week, but Google hasn’t stopped for that reason. So Chrome 102 has already been released for beta. The release is full of functions aimed primarily at programmers, and while this may seem insignificant, in reality it is not. In practice, it just means that web applications will become more efficient in the coming months and years. So let’s take a look at the key new features in Chrome 102 Beta.

More security when we find a new store

Getting Started Google wants to give you more information about online stores we’ve never been to. This will make it easier for us to see whether the transaction is legal or not. For example, we have quick access to Google rankings on the details screen on the left side of the address bar. However, this feature does not yet appear to be fully ready for release, mainly due to regional constraints. The Android Police website that highlighted this mentioned that the flag for enabling this feature is chrome: // flags / # page-info-about-this-site. However, it did nothing.

Web apps are more than just standard apps in Chrome 102 beta

After a long testing period that began with Chrome 92, Chrome 102 further narrows the gap between native and web applications. Installed web applications can now open certain files on your computer. Everything works better than even an application installed on a PC.

Even more powerful CRTL + F function

Chrome 102 introduces a new HTML attribute called “Hidden = until-found”. This is for hidden text that may be hidden in the Help or FAQ section. When enabled, it is possible to find text in hidden parts of a site using Site Search (either in the three-point menu or by pressing CTRL / CMD + F).

Better support for performances

Chrome 102 beta

Video conferencing is in vogue. By the way, Google Chrome 102 makes presentations much easier. This allows us to move to the next or previous slide in the meeting window instead of the presentation itself. If you want to see how this works, you can do it here.

Chrome 102 beta is already coming to several Android computers and smartphones. If it’s a Google operating system, you can download it here.

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