“I came to find rotten …”

Rui Pinheiro, a former competitor to Big Brother 2021, is involved in a new controversy. The North girl’s ex-girlfriend found “some rotten things” and turned to social media to expose the situation.

This Friday, April 29, Rui Pinheiro’s ex-girlfriend gave his followers the freedom to ask him questions about his Instagram stories. Some webmasters asked her ex-boyfriend Rui Pinheiro: “What about Rui?” or “Did you and Rui talk after BB?” are some examples.

In front of the questions, he began by answering: “Every time I ask questions in a box, we have one of these. I always avoid him .. LEAVE”. “.

Rui Pinheiro’s ex-girlfriend begins by revealing that they ended their relationship in August, shortly before she joined Big Brother, but “What many people don’t know is that (…) when Rui left home, we got back together.”. The relationship was not assumed, only his closest knew.

“We had to behave as if we were in a respectful relationship. We were together from the beginning of February until the end of this April. ”reveal.

From that moment on, the young woman began to “wash dirty clothes” and revealed: “When I came to find some rotten. I was surprised to hear that a little bird was singing, that I did that we were together. If I don’t understand myself, I’ll tell you more: he himself said we weren’t together so we could hum for several girls.

The former girlfriend of the Big Brother competitor decided to expose the situation because: “The only thing I don’t want is to go crazy (…) because it’s really frustrating.”

“In short, answering your questions for the first and last time, Rui and I are together again. But we are no more and will not be “ends.

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