“I like you a lot”

This Friday, April 29, the second “Two at 10” was shown on TVI under Maria Botelho Moniz and Cláudio Ramos. One of the guests on today’s broadcast was Olinda, a young brain injury who was present with her mother, Rosa Estefânia.

The girl is a big fan of TVI and especially Maria Botelho Moniz and was therefore very happy to meet her idol live on TV: “Oh, I’m going to cry. I really like you a lot and I always have that fan page for you”he said at some point excited.

Maria Botelho Moniz couldn’t control her tears and a smile on her lips left an important message to the guest and “megafan” Olinda.

“When you come home and walk back to watch the show, I want you to always remember one thing. Every day when we say “good morning at home,” that good morning is for you, it’s for everyone at home, but there’s a special moment that’s for you, we always remember you. (…) Thank you”he said, very moved.

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