IFA 2022: Europe’s largest electronics trade fair confirmed for September

THE IFA 2022 (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin), when two years have been available only in virtual form due to the pandemic, it is finally held in person. It is a very important technology fair in Europe, and this year it will be relaunched in the pavilion of the convention center. Messe Berlin, In Germany. The event will be held in between September 2 and 6.

This was not the only project that has recently been confined to the digital environment with the emergence of social isolation, which has been gradually set aside in some countries. IFA Executive Director, Jens Heithecker, announced it 15 (Of 20) the largest exhibitors will be present at this year’s 2022 restart. was promised The the same intensity in 2019a date that marked the last face-to-face meeting before the 2020 problems.

In other words, putting this into practice means that launches and showcases will focus on the face-to-face event, without relying too much on common virtual tools at hybrid fairs. THE Qualcomm, a world-renowned U.S. technology company, will give a keynote speech. Other companies will be introduced in the coming months.

(Authors: b2b.ifa-berlin.com)

Aiming for wider reach and taking advantage of the virtual audience achieved over the last two years, although we have ensured that the focus is on face-to-face trade fairs, we have some virtual activities to get those involved who can’t attend the general meeting. More information is available at official website. The confirmation speech of the event confirmed that the lessons learned since 2019 will not be left out. Despite the effort to provide an interesting event Messe Berlinthe virtual integrations of 2020 and 2021 are important to start a new phase of IFA.

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Source: b2b.ifa-berlin.com, techradar.com

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