João Manzarra, Débora Monteiro and Rui Unas are the new Cantor ou Impostor? influencers of the program.

As part of SIC’s 30th anniversary, Paço de Arcos will present a new television project that will be presented to viewers shortly. It is about international successI see your voice“known in the Portuguese version as”Singer or cheater?‘. Motoring remains a responsibility Claudia Vieira.

After several seasons of successMaskThis new global television phenomenon, adapted in more than 15 countries, marks SIC’s renewed commitment to gaming and betting. In different programs, groups of seven people performers (mystery singers) is a cheating VIP contestant whose task is to find out from among several rounds of clues that are ultimately sings really well, or anyone is not in tune with all the notes.

To make the task a success, a VIP contestant who has a different face in each episode but is well known to the public is a great help influencer panelwhich they do by directing the participant’s choices to the right path.

As fixed panel elements João Manzarra, Débora Monteiro and Rui Unas they promise to bring to the game all the skill and cunning abilities so that all the scammers will be revealed quickly. With each successful decision, the competitor raises money, which is eventually donated to the facility. This group also includes a the name of the national anthemto help with the task.

after three seasonsMask‘, João Manzarra promises take tricks with you and is going to be among the first to find clues that will make a competitor hit the scammers. Rui Unas, who is guaranteed to be “a real scammer“About‘ cheating ’the audience with singing and dancing skills that he admits he doesn’t have, he says it’s the best resource to understand who is also pretending to be what he isn’t.

Among this male couple, Débora Monteiro is clearly it happiness as the panel tries not to restrain its emotions with each new discovery. The actress also says that despite being a team player, “the competition between us will finally emerge“, referring to the weight of responsibility for the decisions they try to get a competitor to make because they make their voices heard.

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