Kim Kardashian reveals the contents of her alleged sex tape found by Kanye West

Reality “Kardashians” Revealed HD Content Kanye West Returned and Delivered to Kim

In the first episode of the new Kardashian family reality show, The Kardashians on Hulu Kim Kardashian was shocked to see an ad in Roblox suggesting he had another sex break Ray J. And worst of all, it was your son Holy West who brought the information to his notice and he was shocked.

In the third episode of the first season of the program, we finally have information about participation Kanye West in the recovery of a laptop containing its alleged sextap and its contents. The new clip looks like Kanye is meeting Kris Jenner and Kim before her SNL debut, in which she revealed that she had just flown from Los Angeles to retrieve the alleged sextap.

At the beginning of the clip, Ye speaks Kris Jenner, who is impressed with his fast journey after returning from Los Angeles overnight to New York to get HD. He later provides Kim and his team with a suitcase with a hard drive with the alleged sex tape. Kim cries as Ye takes the hard drive and explains how he found it. Ray J at the airport to restore the hard drive.

“I know Kanye did it for me, but he did it for my kids, too,” Kim said. “I want to protect them as much as I can. This is the most important thing to me and I’m so excited. And it means a lot to me.”

Perhaps the most surprising thing will happen next is when Kim reveals the contents of Kanye’s hard-fetched hard drive. Kim explains that the hard drive did not contain sex tape, as suggested Wack 100. Instead, it contained pictures of Kim and Ray J in restaurants.

Watch the clip below.

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