Liga: Clubs pay fines of € 11 million for breaches of competition rules

The FCA fined the league and clubs more than € 11 million in a process that dates back to 2020, at the start of the pandemic, when trade union clubs signed an agreement not to hire workers during the year. to protect against possible covid-19 redundancies. The club league has already responded and announced its election.

The FCA classified the agreement as “restrictive of competition in the labor market”, but the fines imposed on clubs vary widely.

Benfica’s fine of EUR 4.163 million is the club that suffers the most, as the fines were calculated on the basis of the turnover of each entity. Follow FC Porto with a fine of 2.582 million euros and Sporting with 1.66 million. The league, on the other hand, will have to pay 141 thousand euros.

“The fines imposed by AdC will be determined on the basis of the turnover of the companies operating in the affected markets over the years. In addition, according to the Competition Act, the fine may not exceed ten percent of the company’s turnover in the year preceding the sanction decision, ”the FCA’s statement explains.

However, the league disagreed with the “interpretation of the competition authority” and argued that it was “a mere demonstration of the spirit of unity and strong solidarity between clubs in the context of unique adversity”. In this sense, Pedro Proença has already stated that he will appeal the decision.

Fines for I Liga clubs:

Fines for League II clubs:

League release:

“This Friday, the Liga Portugal was informed of the first decision of the Competition Authority (AdC) concerning the administrative infringement procedure under reference PRC / 2020/01.

The decision now published, which, of course, must be appealed to the court, was already awaited, especially in view of the public positions already taken by the AdC on this matter, including during the investigation of that case.

The Liga Portugal has already convened a follow-up meeting with Sports Societies and groups of lawyers this afternoon to define the next steps in anticipation that the assessment process by the Court leaves no doubt that Liga Portugal and its clubs are at any time guilty of illegal competition, and the public position that launched this process was only a demonstration of the spirit of unity. and strong solidarity between clubs in the context of the unique and extremely difficult setbacks caused by COVID-19 and never the decision not to conclude a collective agreement, let alone as interpreted by the AdC. “

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