LIRA exposes Londrina to dengue risk Folha de Londrina magazine

This Friday morning (29th), the municipal health secretary announced the result of the second LIRAa (Rapid Survey of Aedes aegypti Infestation) in 2022, and the figures are worrying. Londrina has a vector infection rate of 7.8%, which is the percentage of risk. Satisfactory is less than 1 and the alarm is between 1 and 3.9.

The area where the authors found more Aedes Aegypti mosquito colonies was in the north (10.24%), followed by the south (7.92%), the west and center (6.86%), and the east (4.80%). Of the areas, Acácia Imperial (35.71%), Royal Tennis (33.33%) and Luis de Sá (30.49%) appear to be the most polluted.

The main breeding grounds for larvae are still in the houses, accounting for 90% of the records, mainly for objects thrown in the backyards and potted plants. In the light of worrying information, the Ministry of Health said it was promoting certain measures, such as co-operation in places where there are more vectors and the use of traps.

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This year, Londrina already had 4,260 reports of dengue cases, of which 334 have been confirmed and 1,422 are still under analysis. Approximately 200 endemic pesticides carried out field inspections of LIRAa between 4 and 8 April. During this time, nearly ten thousand properties were inspected from all areas of the city.

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