Manuel Luís Goucha reveals which program he liked most about leading and brings the news

Manuel Luís Goucha resorted to social networks to remember the program he wanted to present. The communicator also brought something new and was very happy.

The program “Uma Canção para Ti” is back! Manuel Luís Goucha turned to his personal Instagram account to reveal that TVI is betting on a new season for the format.

The presenter assumed that this talent show will always be his favorite, and will be happy to take its lead:

“I’ve always said it: of all the programs I do on TV, this is my favorite. There were four editions, three with Júlia, the last with Cristina. And it’s been 11 years now. Many of the competitors are now strong names in theater, song and fado. ”begins by remembering the publication in the caption.

The performer is not Júlia Pinheiro or Cristina Ferreira as before, but Maria Cerqueira Gomes: ”‘ Uma Canção Para Ti ’returns with a new partner: Maria Cerqueira Gomes. And my satisfaction is the first time. “

In the video shared by the rapporteur, it is possible to see that applications are already open for children aged 7-15. The release date is not yet known.

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