‘Married’: Doina is insecure with Uicãa: “She’s completely lost …”

The second Diário broadcast of SIC’s “Casados ​​à Primeira Vista” program was shown this Thursday, April 28th. Doina was unsure of her husband’s involvement in the marriage and opened the case.

Uicãa visited the bride’s house this week and the couple has been trying to get to know each other better. Doina decided to prepare a special dinner for her husband and also invited close friends.

The couple slept with each other for a few days and Doina considered this space important: “I think those two days have done him good. I don’t think he was ever really alone.”he said alone to the cameras.

Uicãa alone also commented in recent days: “I’m not lost anymore. All the questions I had in my head went to the end of the path. But that’s the way I am, as long as I can’t answer, I won’t stop.”

Doina, for her part, disagrees and remains uncertain about her husband’s involvement in the marriage: “He tells me he’s not so lost anymore, but I still think he’s completely lost. He says there are already answers to many of the questions he had, I honestly don’t see it happening.”explain.

See the whole moment here.

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