Medina surrenders to Marcelo and approves army promotions

If the President of the Republic wanted to sensitize the Minister of Finance to the problems of national defense – as the Expresso writes in this Friday’s print issue – a sign of change is given: Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa remarked and who do not depend on the councils of the branch offices.

Since the time of the PSD-CDS government, army promotions have been postponed to the last days of December because it saved the government money: unlike before the troika, soldiers were promoted after the promotion deadline. they no longer receive retroactive payments.

Thus, PS governments maintained the practice for six years to save money on wages (which Fernando Medina did not now consider necessary). For Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, ending this practice was a way to give the military a motivation.

This Wednesday, as he explained in a statement to reporters on April 25, the president said “the most important thing in the armed forces is the people who need to be motivated,” which means for those in a permanent framework, attractive conditions will continue there.

For Belém, one of the points that increases motivation in Permanent Staff is related to the promotions that should take place during the year. This was one of the measures in which António Costa did not turn the page on austerity and Marcelo gave him the impetus: “If the system’s promotions arrive a year late – with the troika it was so – if we continue to live in the troika in terms of promotions you think twice before joining the armed forces.” one enters another body of the state.

With this decision, Fernando Medina took a step to show the goodwill of the government. During the budget debate, António Costa announced a square table for some activities. It remains to be seen how far the leadership will go in terms of defense policy in the next budget.

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