Microsoft is making the Edge 101 available with a few new features

Microsoft Edge 101 is now available for download

After releasing version 100 earlier this month, Microsoft has now started offering the latest version of your browser, the Microsoft Edge 101which includes a Progressive Web Apps (PWA) hub and enhancements to change the default profile.

The PWA hub was already talked about in February when the feature arrived in the beta version of the app. In summary, it works like the “Applications” button on the toolbar and gives you quick access to your PWA. It also encourages you to install applications as PWAs and then group the installed PWAs into categories that can be filtered and sorted. You can enable the Applications button in the Appearance section of Microsoft Edge 101. However, Microsoft has hinted in its change log that this feature will be phased in, and as of this writing, it has not yet been enabled. equipment.

Edge 101 also has a new policy called EdgeDefaultProfileEnabled that allows you to set a default profile instead of opening the most recently used profile. Another useful feature is that you can exchange certificates on a website without leaving your browser.

For organizations that manage Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, shared cookies can be configured through the Enterprise Site List Manager. A new policy is also available that allows you to set the default mode to allow extensions to be installed from other stores.

As always, we are also entitled to some security improvements. This Edge fixes two security vulnerabilities related to elevation of privilege and fraud. The details of this situation are revealed here.

If you already have Microsoft Edge installed on your device, all you have to do is go to the Help menu – About Microsoft Edge and let it install the new version. For those who don’t already have it, you’ll already get the Edge 101 after downloading it.

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