Microsoft manufactures Edge security with the original VPN of Cloudflare

As a standard Windows browser, Edge is increasingly a proposition that Microsoft is working to grow in terms of both users and features. This is getting a lot of improvements because it’s close to Chromium.

Now Microsoft seems to be preparing to bring even more security to the Edge with the novelty. This browser has a native VPN that secures user traffic and keeps it secure.

Even more security for Edge

Protecting users on the Internet has proven difficult for large browsers. They aim to ensure high security, but at the same time they want to provide simple operation that does not bother users.

So Microsoft is now working to bring more security to Edge. To do this, you must provide a native VPN in your browser. This is called Secure Network and is offered in partnership with Cloudflare.

Microsoft Edge Security VPN Cloudflare

Cloudflare for VPN users

Despite the fact that the proposal is very interesting in terms of security, this Edge proposal has several limitations. First, it has a traffic limit that is offered to users with access to only 1GB per month.

On the other hand, and since it is not a real VPN proposal, it does not allow you to choose the origin of the traffic. This is managed by Cloudflare, which handles all control by the user who is authenticated to their Microsoft account in Edge.

Microsoft Edge Security VPN Cloudflare

Microsoft guarantees more security for everyone

As for the management of user information, Microsoft guarantees the security of the records that this VPN creates for users. These are removed every 25 hours and are limited to support and diagnostic records.

While this Microsoft proposal is by no means a full version of VPN, it does significantly improve Edge. Users can take advantage of the security available to Microsoft that intends to protect their information while browsing the Internet.

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