Murder of a Granddaughter, Drugs, Robberies and a Gang: The Controversial Life of Paul Auster’s Son – World

Daniel Auster, the son of the famous American author Paul Auster, died after being found unconscious, apparently in a heroin overdose, at the Brooklyn subway pier in New York. The death was finally announced at the hospital last Tuesday, six days after the landscaper was officially arrested and charged with the death of her only 10-month-old daughter, Ruby. The tragically ended episode is the culmination of drug-related life, involvement in groups, and even convictions for robberies.

Daniel, 44, is the son of the famous writer and translator Lydia Davis. The duo divorced in 1978, and Paul Auster remarried in 1982. Daniel maintained a good relationship with his father, and he had even worked as an actor on the big screen in the movie Smoke. The young man was affected by the divorce of his parents and according to him New Yorkeras a teenager, he began attending nightclubs in New York and became involved in drug use.

The first collision with the court occurs in 1996, when Daniel was only 18 years old. The landscaper was present in the apartment where Robert Riggs, the party promoter of the hottest clubs and clubs in the “Big Apple,” murdered well-known drug dealer Andre Melendez. The murderer (or his co-worker) offered Daniel nearly three thousand euros (stolen from Melendez) to keep quiet about what he saw.

Eventually, the system was dismantled and Paul Auster’s son was eventually brought to justice, where he pleaded guilty to possession of the stolen material and was sentenced to five years in prison, and was eventually released on parole.

It was at this point that Paul Auster severed ties with his son.

This was followed in 2008-2010 by several arrests for drug possession and in 2009 by charges of theft and possession of stolen material, a crime in which Daniel would already be a repeat offender.

Daniel later started as a landscape designer, but drug addiction problems persisted.

Before she was arrested for her daughter’s death, charged with an unintentional murder, Daniel Auster claimed that little Ruby died accidentally from an overdose of fantanyl, a powerful opioid painkiller, as he injected heroin to take a nap next to the girl. Daniel never explained how the girl had taken the drug and said that when Ruby woke up “she was blue, lifeless and unresponsive”. The child’s mother guarantees that when she left home to work, the girl “was healthy and awake.”

However, the lawyer assured that Auster was trying to get rid of his drug addiction and that he had been sober for up to several months after rehabilitation treatments.

The arrest would take place in April, about five months after Ruby’s death and a solid investigation. Shortly thereafter, Daniel was released after he had paid his guarantee. Two days later, he is found unconscious in the subway.

He ends up dying, and according to The New York Post, who points to a police source, all indications are that the drug addiction had proved fatal to Daniel Auster:

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