“My car decided to launch rockets …”

Ana Garcia Martins, better known as “Pipoca Mais Doce,” used social media this afternoon on Thursday, April 28 to describe the situation she was experiencing on the A5. Through his Stories on his Instagram account, the digital influencer explained that he was “forced” to stop due to alarms from his car.

“I’m standing at a gas station because my car here somewhere on the A5 thought it was a good idea to start turning on the lights and beeping, throwing rockets and confetti and shit.”began by explaining Ana Garcia in a video published by Martins.

The comedian also realized he had asked Uber, but stressed that the service would take a long time: “I’ve been there for 20 minutes waiting for Uber (…) Do I deserve it? I have an appointment, then I have a job and I’m here (…) maybe I walk ”he stopped laughing at the situation.

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