Scientists have found effective antibodies against cancer

Another important step in the fight against cancer: researchers Barcelona Institute for Biomedicine (IRB) in cooperation with a Dutch biotechnology company Merusdiscovered an antibody capable of attacking the stem cells of the cancer, which weakens the disease and prevents it from spreading to other organs – metastases.

The first tests with the protein called fraudulent (MCLA-158), which produced encouraging results, were performed in mice. For the following, researchers plan to use organoids, which are 3D tissues derived from stem cells.

Researchers have a biobank that contains these organoids from colorectal cancer patients to evaluate the antibodies that can best help fight the disease.

According to Merus, three of the seven patients with head and neck cancer were positive and the tumor shrank.

“The medicine of the future begins here,” said IRB researcher Eduard Battle of the first results. “We hope that the antitumor activity reported in the preliminary data will be confirmed.”

Plants can take part in the fight against the disease

According to British researchers, there are already studies that confirm the anti-cancer properties of natural elements such as plants.

The two subtypes of cancer that have promising results in this case are ovarian and breast cancer. Melanie-Jayne Hower, a researcher at Kew’s Royal Botanic Gardens, one of the most respected in the world, says berry spruce, a rare seed plant, can provide effective medicines in a simpler and safer way.

“An effective anticancer drug called paclitaxel was developed from Pacific berry,” the researcher commented on the British vehicle The Guardian. “However, [ele] was based on a chemical in very low yields. “

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Other consequences of the disease, such as Hodgkin’s lymphoma, melanoma, also benefit from natural ingredients. Periwinkle rose is responsible for the synthesis of vinblastine and vincristine used in the treatment of these types.

Other studies that are still unfinished include the work of Professor Short, who analyzes the effectiveness of a cannabis-based drug against brain tumors and even in Brazil. PHP Biotech -startup is already trying to make Triple-Negative breast cancer treatments viable through national biodiversity.


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