Spain sends the largest arms shipment to Ukraine on a 200-ton ship – News

The Spanish Ministry of Defense confirmed the ship’s arrival in Poland, and El País told the Polish port authorities that the ship was being docked in the port of Gdynia, where the material would be unloaded and transported to a logistics base in Ukraine about 700 kilometers away.

The consignment, according to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, includes 30 trucks, several heavy-duty transport vehicles and 10 smaller vehicles transporting military material to Ukraine.

Last week, Sánchez announced the departure of the Spanish ship Ysabel to Ukraine during a visit to Kiev to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, where he discussed the status of the Russian attack.

“This is the largest transmission ever made, more than doubling the transmission we have sent so far,” commented the head of the Spanish government.

Prior to loading Ysabel, Spain had sent 1,370 anti-tank grenade launchers, 700,000 machine gun cartridges, and armored ambulances and medical supplies to Ukraine.

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