“Split 10”. Ukraine accuses Russian soldiers of the Buchan massacre and calls on the population to help them find them – Observer

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“Reject ten.” Under this headline, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense revealed on Thursday that it had identified ten Russian soldiers responsible for the massacre in Bucha, about 40 kilometers from Kiev, where the bodies of about 400 Ukrainian civilians were found in March. , many of them mutilated, in others obvious signs of torture.

The Russians left their traces of death on the streets of Buchan. The Ukrainian army is talking about “arbitrary executions” of civilians.

Through several Twitter posts, the Ukrainian government revealed the faces of ten soldiers, all from the 64th Brigade of the Russian Army – a unit awarded by Vladimir Putin in April, praising their “courage, resistance and perseverance” and their “heroism.” giant “- and demanded justice for” butchers “and” war criminals “.

They are soldiers Vyacheslav Lavrentyev, Vasily Knyazev, Sergei Peskarev and Albert Radnaev; Corporals Semyon Maltsev, Mikhail Kashin, Andrei Bizyaev and Dmitry Sergienko; Second Sergeant Grigory Narishkin and Sergeant Nikita Akimov.


However, also through social networks, the Ukrainian Minister of Justice announced that ten soldiers are being charged with crimes allegedly committed in this city. “Ten soldiers from Russia’s 64th Motor Infantry Brigade have been charged with cruelty to civilians and other violations of the law and customs of war,” Iryna Venediktova wrote.

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