Summary of the last episode of A Serra: Fátima tries to save Carlota from death, but the worst happens

Fátima tries to grab Carlota, but this one pushes him away and runs away. The businesswoman does not know the mountain and runs lost without knowing where she is going. Suddenly he hears Fatima’s footsteps and tries to run faster, but he reaches a frozen lake and stops.

Mariana’s mother decides to move on and Fátima warns her that the ice is too thin. At that moment, Carlota loses her balance, the ice breaks and she crashes. Silverion’s daughter steps forward to help her, but the businesswoman loses her strength and disappears into the water.

Tomás appears on the shore of the lake and sees Fátima continuing to stretch. He tries to reach Carlota, but the ice breaks and he falls into the water. The duo disappear and Aida’s son panics.

Will Carlota and Fátima survive or will they lose their lives in this tragic accident? Find out EVERYTHING tonight in the final episode of your soap opera.

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