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From an early age, Bernardo Sousa was one of the nominees for the “Big Brother Famosos” prize, and the votes were right: the Madeiran won the final prize – 10 thousand euros too – and his heart was on top of that. busy. He stepped into the Most Viewed House in the country in a broken but still shaky relationship, and left the reality show fully surrendered to Bruna Gomes, with whom he now dreamed of living one of life’s greatest adventures: love.

Real life began and Bruna’s first “cheat” happened a few minutes after the pilot had become champion in the race for BB’s first place.‘. Instagramer warned her boyfriend in full studio and live that at the invitation of Cristina Ferreira, she plans to start another version of the form. Bernardo was unarmed. “I was very tired of the headaches caused by the studio lights, which made me feel worse. We hadn’t talked. I did not do. I only knew when I sat next to him“assumes a Madeiran.

Bruna surprises Bernardo by joining new “Big Brother”

The news fell “dry,” but Bernando swallowed it and found the strength to continue to support his girlfriend’s decision, which he still says is hopelessly in love with. “Her speech, her position, her advocacy for women are what I am passionate about. I can’t be hypocritical, I like smart people. I also like beautiful people. But an intelligent, mature person … I wish I had the maturity I had at the age of 26, “I would have been a world champion,” said Cláudio Ramos and Maria Botelho Moniz in “Two 10”.

Now the praise is multiplying. But on the final night, where he was forced to leave his girlfriend behind, the winner took over: “It was a bittersweet victory. I was sad because I wanted to enjoy the moment with Bruna. Now I have to wait a little … but I’ll wait.” The promise has been made … and the women? Do they let Bernardo escape the temptation?


In addition to meeting Bruna – who believes he is the right person to share his life with – Bernardo says that at “Big Brother” he “recovered” as a person and that he had long been “sleeping” and “far from worthy” of this rule. He talked about the “bad club” stage and friends who just pretended to be.

Beside his girlfriend, Bernardo left the Venda do Pinheiro studios after two in the morning on the 25th with his mother, nephew and relatives.. The next day, he regained his social media and appealed to his followers: a petition in which he clearly referred to his ex-girlfriend and who asked his fans to stay away. “Respect the people who were in my life. Leave them alone,” he began by asking. “They are a part of the past. Others are and will always be a part of my life. They were good and did me good. So don’t get into wars. Leave anyone in place, as the most important thing is my present and future with Bruna, my family, my friends, my fans. Everything has been said. Everyone knows everything. So enjoy and enjoy this moment as I enjoy it.

Bernardo Sousa’s ex-girlfriend accuses the pilot of false love promises

The pilot has stayed in Lisbon, but one of his biggest hopes is to visit Madeira, where he also spends much of his time. But there’s a request here or there that he won’t make: “Don’t murder Bruna,” he asks, no matter what everyone thinks about staying on the program.


He was still inside the house and there was already talk of “Bernardetes,” which many former Big Brother competitors believe are important for Madeira’s number one spot.

Bernardo is the heir to one of Madeira’s richest families, and some believe the clan used the means at his disposal to vote and keep the former pilot in the house. The mother, grandmother, sister and even nephew let the Portuguese face their “son” to the finals. But not only …!

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The rally driver did not miss the opportunity to warn his supporters after abandoning the home of the Big Brother Famous 2.

After Bernardo stepped into the country’s most watched houses, “piropos” spread all over the Internet, but FLASH! You know it’s not from now on. The pilot has always been known to be a lover on his island and now fans are attacking even harder.

Just look through the eyes to see the BBF winner’s social networks. The word “hot” is multiplied in the comment field and phrases like “you’re gorgeous,” “what a handsome young man,” “you’re very special,” and multiple hearts make the pilot’s heart melt. In the meantime, fight the temptation. “If I want to live this story … I miss this moment to live life with him, but I have to wait.”


To share his fortune, Bernardo offered his “BB” colleagues a trip on the catamaran “Sardinha do Tejo” to enjoy the sunset. Most of all, the absence was felt by Marie, who refused to receive the prize promised to her by the pilot and stopped following her on social media.

Marie “muted” to return to “Big Brother”

The winner of the “Reality Show” guarantees that he will not understand what happened to this deviation from the tok toker. “I admit I still melt it because I don’t know, I don’t know what happened or what they were told or how they manipulated him, because I clearly think he’s been manipulated because he showed up When I’m inside me and my faces towards me, this attitude change is manipulation. Or he had a blanket inside, which is not true, that he was clean with me, and outside he was manipulated to be like that. “The Madeiran says that as soon as he received the check for 10,000 euros, he looked for Marie with his eyes and immediately pointed in the direction of his colleague, to whom he immediately waved that he did not want to. “When they gave me the check, I immediately showed it to Marie and she immediately said no. Even Cristina tried to hide it … ” However, the next day the young woman sent a message saying she was grateful but “didn’t need” that money.

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A competitor separated from Big Brother Famous could not resist spoiling his father. Hilarious!

Bernardo says his goal was always to help Estela’s competitor, and he never felt sorry for him. “If she doesn’t want the prize, give it to charity, or put it elsewhere, I never said “I’m sorry for Marie,” I’m sorry for the person I was, prejudiced against Marie, so I’m glad I managed to unlock it. that (…). Maybe his boss didn’t like the way the money was going to be managed (…) in this case it was to invest in his career, whatever he needed (…) maybe they didn’t like it, but it’s settled, it’s his decision. “

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