Tom Cruise presents the sequel to “Top Gun” … midway through the flight – News

This Thursday, the world’s first “Top Gun: Maverick” show was held at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. The convention brings together the big names in the audiovisual industry and movie theaters in Las Vegas and presents a long-awaited sequel. in a twin-engine airplane.

The premiere of the film, which tells the story of “Maverick” and “Unwavering Aces” more than three decades after the original production, was scheduled for 2020, but was postponed several times due to the pandemic: Portugal arrives on May 26th.

Famous for showing the tricks of many of his characters, Cruise introduced the film to the film industry with a video message recorded from the fuselage of an airplane flying over South Africa that was not published online.

“Hello everyone, I’d like to be there with you. Sorry for the noise,” Cruise shouted, referring to the sound of the engine and the wind.

“As you can see, we’re filming the last part of ‘Mission Impossible,'” he added.

“Tom does everything at top speed, and no one can stop him. He gets things taken care of no matter what,” joked Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer who worked on the first film at the convention.

The details of the story are under embargo until the film officially debuts at the Cannes Film Festival next month, but “Top Gun: Maverick” received much praise on social media from editors attending CamCon at Paramount Studios.

The director of the first film, Tony Scott, died in 2012, but Joseph Kosinki took the sequel and said he was inspired by material found on YouTube that the pilots recorded on action cameras during a U.S. Navy training.

“I showed them to Tom and told him this is freely available on the internet. If we don’t get over it, it makes no sense to make this movie. And he agreed,” he recalls.

With the support of naval engineers, the filmmakers installed six cameras in the cockpits of the aircraft. The sequel to the 1986 action film had access to a secret China Lake Navy air station in the Mojave Desert, California, the director said.

The filming also featured Val Kilmer, who starred in “The Iceman,” a rival of Maverick in the original film, which lost its voice as a result of treatment for throat cancer.

“Val felt comfortable doing this. It was very exciting,” commented Jerry Bruckheimer.

“He’s still an amazing person and actor,” the producer said. “Tom actually said, ‘I won’t make this movie unless Val’s in it,'” he assured him.


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