Valinhos enhances the management of dengue viruses with an active search service

Since the beginning of the year, 263 cases of the disease have been registered in the municipality.

Efforts to prevent and control dengue fever continue in Valinhos. The health agency is actively investigating suspected cases and eliminating breeding grounds for the Aedes Aegypti mosquito around the city. The area with the most positive cases is key. Since the beginning of the year, 263 confirmed cases of the disease have been diagnosed in the city.

According to data published by the National Board of Health, Valinhos has already registered 676 reports, 263 positive cases and no confirmed or suspected dengue deaths since the beginning of the year. City Hall confirms that the help of citizens is essential in controlling the disease.

Active search by agents consists of finding new suspects for positive cases, visiting homes in search of dengue breeding grounds, and guiding citizens. Inspections are also carried out at strategic points and special properties, places that provide mosquito habitats.

Citizens who observe places that can serve as a breeding ground for Aedes Aegypt can report it to the 156 system and e-Ouve.

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