Veríssimo confirms news from Record: «Sandro and Gouveia travel with us» – Benfica

Benfica’s coach invites two young people to travel to Madeira

Nélson Veríssimo confirmed the news this Thursday News developed by Record, the young Sandro Cruz and Tiago Gouveia are invited to join Benfica ‘s main team in tomorrow’ s game with Marítimo. “Now I remembered a piece of news that came out and I want to confirm that Sandro and Gouveia are traveling with us,” he explained. The coach then talked about the youth who recently won the youth league: “As an A-team coach, it’s part of my job to get this cross-cutting view of what’s going on in practice, and then feel like there’s time to bet. It’s easier for outsiders:” why not bet on A or B earlier? “We have to be careful. There are players who are better prepared at some point than others. it’s an opportunity.And then it’s a matter of continuity.It’s a job it has to do right from the start of the season to give these young people room to integrate and show them the way.

However, you can negotiate here Benifca squad to match Marítimo.

According to the record


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