War in Ukraine: Norway closes ports and borders for Russian goods – News

Norway, which borders Russia, is therefore complying with the fifth package of sanctions against Moscow because of the war in Ukraine, which was adopted by the European Union (EU) a few weeks ago, to which it does not belong, even though it is part of the European Union. Economic Area (EEA). ).

The closure of ports will affect commercial vessels of more than 500 gross tonnes, pleasure boats and some pleasure boats operating in international waters, with the exception of fishing.

The Arctic archipelago is excluded from sanctions because, although it has Norwegian sovereignty, an international agreement allows all signatory countries, including Russia, to exploit their natural resources.

Traffic by Russian trucks on the Storskog border (northern Norway) has increased in recent days with the entry into force of new sanctions in the EU.

“During the crisis, the government has taken a clear line that we will stand with neighboring countries and the EU to ensure that sanctions are effective,” Norwegian Fisheries Minister Bjornar Skjaeran said in a statement.

The right-wing opposition to the Norwegian center-left government criticized the delay in approving the port closures, but Skjaeran defended itself by arguing that in Norwegian circumstances it was necessary to adopt sanctions that included maritime co-operation agreements with Russia in the Arctic. .

Several Norwegian municipalities expressed concern about the impact of the new sanctions on companies and demanded financial compensation from Oslo.

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