War in Ukraine: Zelensky reiterates his desire to talk to the African Union

“I received a call from Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. It reiterated President Zelensky’s request to speak to African Union heads of state and his desire to develop closer relations with the AU, ”Mahamat said on his Twitter account.

“I insisted on finding a peaceful solution to the conflict with Russia,” he added.

On April 11, Zelensky spoke to Macky Sall, the head of state in Senegal, the incumbent president of the AU, to whom he announced his intention to speak to the AU, but the African organization has not yet responded to the request.

Zelenski has spoken electronically to several parliaments, including Portugal, and international organizations, including the European Parliament, to ask for support for Ukraine, which was occupied by Russia on 24 February.

Both the UN and several NGOs have warned that the war in Ukraine will exacerbate the food situation in the world, particularly in the most vulnerable regions, such as Africa.

Another effect of the war was the decline in international aid to Africa as many donors cut funding for the continent to help the country of Europe.

Out of a total of 140 countries that voted in the UN General Assembly on 24 March on a resolution calling on Russia to end hostilities against Ukraine, 20 of the 38 abstentions were African and one in five (Eritrea) was African.

Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine on February 24, and according to the UN, the actual numbers are likely to be much higher.

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