WhatsApp allows you to play in groups of up to 32 people

WhatsApp allows you to play in groups of up to 32 people WhatsApp has released a new limit for in-app voice calls. Users can now make group calls with up to 32 people simultaneously.

The novelty came as an update to the iOS and Android apps. Until then, the maximum capacity for voice calls in the app was 8 participants.

WhatsApp has also changed the look of its calls to make it easier for multiple people to talk. The property is available at iOS version 22.8.80 (for iPhone) and for Android.

The company had previously announced new features that make it easier to exchange voice messages on WhatsApp, such as the ability to listen to messages outside the chat window and speed up speed and sound.

See steps to start a call with up to 32 people in the app:

  • Click the “Calls” button at the bottom of the app;
  • Select the phone icon with a plus sign next to it at the top of the screen.
  • Select the “New group call” option and add contacts;
  • Select the phone icon to start the call.

It is still possible to start a voice call directly from groups. In this case, click the phone icon and select the people you want to talk to.

Important detail: Only numbers that are already saved in the contacts can be added to the voice chat.

news package

The novelty is part of a news package unveiled by a popular messaging app a few weeks ago.

Soon, app users will be able to respond to the conversation with just emoticons, as is already possible on Facebook, share files up to 2GB, and group moderators can delete messages from conversations.

What has changed with the news reported by WhatsApp – Photo: Kayan Albertin / Arte g1

Resources provide a platform for WhatsApp communities, a tool that allows you to gather multiple groups in a shared space.

It is already being tested for some users and should start operating around the world later this year, but only in Brazil after the election. G1 font

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