WWE wants the “sexiest” wrestlers for NXT

NXT has changed a lot as it moved from the Black & Gold era to the current 2.0, and one of the highlights was that WWE is appealing to “spicier” content with certain Superstars stars.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Athena (Ember Moon) talked about various NXT-related issues and revealed that WWE officials asked her to dress appropriately. sexylike Mandy Rose.

(…) We had to attend stupid meetings about how we had to dress properly. sexy. I remember looking at someone else “I’m anointing the kids. I’m not going to wear short, provocative shorts because we had a two-hour meeting about Mandy Rose getting dressed.”. That is not fair. We’re not all going to be Mandyja. Mandy is quite phenomenal and she is an amazing person, but not everyone is Mandy Rose.

I started to see everything fall apart right after Hunter [Triple H] and he didn’t know why he left. We just knew he wasn’t there. I got so angry. I remember sitting there thinking that I hadn’t done anything wrong. I didn’t piss off Vince [McMahon].

Shortly after this interview, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful pointed out that these meetings have been held since October 2021 and are called a “fashion consultation” by WWE and are led by expert Melanie Pace. However, the goal is really to get NXT fighters to dress up sexy.

In addition, some of the fighters to whom the reporter spoke blamed John Laurinait for this change and the new demand for NXT, which was at odds with what Triple H had done in the past.

What do you think of WWE’s request and attitude towards its NXT wrestlers?

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