“You can run after me now.” Gonçalo Diniz “rejuvenates” after his daughter Vitória’s trick

Using your Instagram account Gonçalo Diniz shared a fun moment with her daughter Vitória, who will soon be six years old, as a result of her relationship with the presenter Sofia Cerveira. Is it according to the actor’s description that the child found a trick to the father “younger“.

Vitória took mascara from her mother and dyed her beard …“, started by writing Gonçalo Diniz in the title of the shared picture.”Ready dad now you are younger, you can play run after me, you are no longer old“the girl said, which made the actress laugh.

Gonçalo Diniz, proud of his daughter’s growth, also wrote: “Day after day, this girl always learns. Do you feel old? paint your beard“, in a publication that also delighted the actor’s followers. See the shared picture below:

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