After a complete busting, the English presenter moves on social media posing “topless”

Julia BradburyBritish presenter, moved to social networks after the document was published Breast cancer and Mand (Breast Cancer and Me), a production that touches on the physical and emotional difficulties of diagnosis in addition to how she decided to tell her children about her illness.

Julia underwent breast surgery in October last year and subsequent breast reconstruction. One of the most moving moments will be when the communicator sees himself in the mirror for the first time as a half-naked 51-year-old after cancer.

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Well, it really looks like mom“, he began by saying.”There’s still no sensitivity here, maybe it will come back one day, but I don’t feel it here at my fingertips. Now it looks like a plastic chest. It will take a while to get used to it. “ acknowledged.

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The documentary drowned me in tears at different times. You were very brave in sharing your courage with the world, “thank you for the most vulnerable moment”are just some of the comments that reflect a wave of support and affection.

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